How long is my general Contractor liable for his work?

3 years ago we purchased a newly built house by a private contractor. Recently we noticed the roof was leaking. The cause of the leak was a improperly installed/missing flashing, which lead to major water damage behind the wall and fungus growing out of the carpet. The contractor subbed the roof out to roofers who were a) not liscenced and b) are no longer in business. We want the GC to pay for the repair, he refuses…is he liable for the repair?

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  1. Tedruski says:

    Without a written warranty I don’t think he has any liability on this. The roof could have had a manufacturers warranty on the shingle installation but it would not apply to the flashing.
    I hate to say it, but I don’t think you will get anywhere other than a homeowners insurance claim.
    I am a general contractor, I do not have a written warranty on our carpentry labor, however I make it a point to stand behind our workmanship no matter how long. My roofing subs are required to provide a 1 yr. warranty on labor, and to fill out papers for warranty from the shingle manufacturer.
    Next time ask for a new home warranty – The builder should have been able to provide you with that option.
    Sometimes, it’s unfair, but you will spend much more time and money on attorneys than this will be worth.
    Fix the flashing,wall,clean or replace carpet and consider this a lesson learned. We all have had learning experiences so don’t feel bad.

  2. Rob M says:

    it varies from state to state, here its only one year, unless guarunteed longer. Call a construction association in your area they’ll be able to give you a better idea of your rights. if you can’t find one call the better business bureau

  3. rob s says:

    Generally a year w/ most builders but it varies.. After 3 years you might get a reputable builder to split the cost if your lucky
    And Truduski I m not saying your nor reputable. Just that I m in th trades too and I ve heard or builders helping out like that. GL but I don t think you ll get far

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